One Very Good Puerh Tea

"Puerh is a life-changing tea. From the first sip, you know this is entirely different: comforting, healing, grounding. It lifts mood, clears head fog and unlocks some of lifes little secrets..."

- Steve Kokker, teamaster and Chado teashop & FirstFlush OÜ founder

This is the most magical and mysterious of all teas. Its strange earthiness sinks deep into your soul and promises to soon become a part of your life. Pu er is unlike any other tea – in its production, effect, smell and of course taste. It has a very 'earthy' flavour which some love immediately and others warm to (quickly) after a mild but intriguing initial shock. Despite low levels of caffeine many people feel enlivened by it to the point that sleep is quite impossible even hours after drinking pu er; remarkably, others find it calms them down such that sleep comes fast and easy.

Weight: 50g

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