One Very Good Matcha Tea

Our Premium matcha is silky, soft and heavenly.
It will sharpen your mind and provide with a sensation which can be called "calm awakening". You can find many matcha powders on the market which are all from different levels and grades. Premium is for a person who looks for quality and super taste.

"Matcha is a harmonious and also a playful drink for me. I like to enjoy matcha on mornings, when i've got time for myself. And then there are times, when i love to play with the ingredient to create different recipes and also pour a beautiful matcha latte." 
- Sille Küttner, barista and a teafriend

“Matcha and mornings get along wonderfully. Whisking your matcha in the morning is energizing and is followed by many invigorating sips of foaming freshness. A little tip: the looser the wrist, the foamier foam."
- Marten Kuningas, singer/songwriter and a teaenthusiast

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Weight: 30g
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