Delicious and warming two exciting teas, which make a perfect gift for someone who likes dark teas and stronger flavours. You can also mix both of the tea leaves and let the outcome surprise you! 

Set consists of the following:

Üks Väga Hea Puerh Tee, 50g
This is the most magical and mysterious of all teas. It has a very 'earthy' flavour which some love immediately and others warm to after a mild initial shock. Despite low levels of caffeine many people feel enlivened by it; remarkably, others find it calms them down such that sleep comes fast and easy.

Üks Väga Hea Must Tee, 40g

Originates from the birthplace of Yunnan province, Southwest China, and differs from other Chinese black teas with it´s golden buds. The aroma is delicate and sweet, the taste is mild and pleasant.
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