Cooking Set

Two magnificent powders that can keep you occupied for hours in the kitchen. Add them to different dishes, smoothies or search for some inspiration and make interesting drinks.

Package contains:

One Very Good Green Tea Powder, 50g
Green tea powder – if you could just dive into this, you could see so many invigorating components in this greenness! It brings alertness to your day, freshens and enlivens - it has power! Try on porridges, in smootchies, ice creams and/or baked goods. 

One Very Good Hot Chocolate, 100g
Hot chocolate in the most straight forward meaning of the word! No weird additives, just 75% pure chocolate in your cup! The cacao beans that make this powder are from type Criollo. They are known as one of the best kind thanks to its creaminess. We highly recommend to try it out with different plant based milks (oat, rice, almond etc), which make it even better, in our opinion! 
Ingredients: 75% Criollo cacao mass, 24,7% cane sugar, 0,3% GMO-free soy lecithin
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