Hot Chocolate

"A nice evening at home, watching TV or reading a book, maybe a little fire is cracking in the fireplace, a good piece of cake on the plate, and then this first sip of hot chocolate - mmmmmmm ...wonderful!"

- Siim Loog, project manager of ÜVHT and manager of FirstFlush

Hot Chocolate, in the best version as possible! No additives, no artificial flavors - pure 75% chocolate in your cup! The beans used to make this powder come from the Criollo variety, which is a type of cocoa that is considered one of the best bean for chocolate making due to its creamy character. An excellent tasting experience. We recommend that you prepare your drink with vegetarian milk (oat, rice, almond etc).

Ingredients: 75% Criollo Cocoa paste, 24.7% cane sugar, 0.3% GMO-free soy lecithin

Weight: 100g
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